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Koen Berghuis 10 years at thexton armstrong

Anniversary – Koen Berghuis 10 years at thexton armstrong.

2023 marks 10 years since Koen Berghuis joined thexton armstrong. In this role, he has supported many different business owners in recent years.

That this is appreciated is proven by the lovely words of praise from some of his clients:

“In a respectful way, Koen asks critical questions about the business and holds up a mirror to you, he makes you think.”

“Together with Koen Berghuis of thexton armstrong, I learned that I can achieve more by doing less,” he says.

“However, Koen exposed exactly where the barriers were to grow further and that’s how the ball started rolling.”

“The methodology thexton armstrong uses to give a company more insight into leaking profits is very insightful and sometimes confronting.”

“But mainly because of Koen’s expertise as a ‘business doctor’. By asking an extensive series of targeted questions, Koen was able to clearly identify our way of doing business with all its strengths and weaknesses.”

We couldn’t put it more beautifully. Koen is a highly valued colleague, and we hope to work with him for many years to come. Congratulations on this anniversary!


a token of our appreciation


In the presence almost all of Koen’s fellow business mentors, Master Franchise Partners Benny Schulte & Tijnis Verhoeff handed over a large bunch of flowers and the by now familiar sculpture as a symbol of their partnership.

What does the sculpture mean to you?

Koen: “The sculpture has two perspectives: you can stand on the ladder and you can support the ladder. I have had the opportunity to experience both over the past 10 years. In the beginning mainly supporting Coen Vleesenbeek (founder thexton armstrong international), to find your niche as a business mentor, SME was a new world for me at the start that I had no experience in. Later more in the role of supporting the ladder so that the entrepreneur could grow in his professionalism as leader of his company.”




At our request, Koen answered some more questions:


Do you have a fond memory of a special client?

Koen: ‘That you come to the conclusion together as a team that sometimes you have to let go of an existing product, even if it still making money, to make room for new development. A couple of years later, we could conclude that this had been a crucial step in the company’s development. Had this not been done, the company would probably have been bypassed by the competition.


What insights has thexton armstrong brought you?

Koen: ‘I have learned to listen much better and thus became more skilled at putting myself in the mind of the entrepreneur and his team, so that you could much better provide the support needed to help the business owner and his team grow.’