Thexton Armstrong is a SME business mentoring franchise, helping SME’s on their entrepreneurial journey.

Why we are helping SME's

No business owner is born an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is an exciting journey, full of expected challenges and unexpected surprises. Each SME business owner tends to go through the same journey but each in a different way. Some will go smooth and fast, some will struggle.

We believe every business owner can be a successful entrepreneur. As business mentors we therefore support business owners in a unique way to prepare for their entrepreneurial journey ahead ensuring that expected challenges can be met without the growing pains. We also help business owners who are currently stuck on their journey. More often than not, they tend to be stuck in the acceleration phase of their journey. We help these business owners to get unstuck and progress to the next stage of their journey; the Scale Up phase.

We're looking for Master Franchise Partners in Europe, Middle East & Africa

After building a successful trackrecord in The Netherlands we launched Thexton Armstrong in Belgium in 2019. We’re now actively seeking new Master Franchise Partners in Europe to expand our franchise.

Thexton Armstrong offers Master Franchise Partners the opportunity to establish a Thexton Armstrong SME Business Mentoring franchise in their home country. We offer extensive tools, methodologies, training & coaching programs and well thought through branding and marketing strategies.

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Why become a Thexton Armstrong® Master Franchise Partner?

You’ve always been a self-driven, self-motivated professional who likes to succeed. You want more from your life & career. More independence, more freedom, more control and flexibility, and more time for the things that matter most to you, like your family.

You’ve always dreamed of building something of your own instead of building something for someone else. You’ve always wanted to be your own boss, yet you never found the right vehicle to get you there.

Introducing the Thexton Armstrong SME Business Mentoring Franchise.

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