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Reliable, unconditional support for SME founders

Not every business owner is a born entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is a whirlwind ride that’s full of challenges — both expected and unexpected. With the right guidance, we believe every business owner can be a successful entrepreneur. We help founders accelerate, without losing control. The key? We support the person behind the business, not just the business itself.

We help founders accelerate, without losing control

Our network of mentors support SME founders when they need it most: the acceleration phase. Many entrepreneurs find this the hardest stage in their business journey, as they juggle roles and choices that distance them from the beating heart of the business. Time and again, we’ve seen founders benefit from expert guidance to navigate — and survive — these growing pains.

Our business mentor focus

It seems so complex, that you’re not sure you even want to grow your business. You’re struggling to deal with the shift from working in the business to working on the business: hiring staff, delegating, dealing with policies and procedures. An expert mentor will support you to craft the right architecture to see your business thrive without you being everywhere, all the time.

Support SMEs in your country

Building on our success in the Netherlands, thexton armstrong is expanding internationally. We offer direct franchise opportunities as well as Master Franchise & Licence options. As a Franchise partner you will benefit from an out-of-the-box franchise with extensive training, tools, templates and methodologies. As a Master Franchise partner, you will have your own exclusive territory in which to recruit, support and grow a team of independent franchisees. We also have Licence opportunities available in selected markets.