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Anton Erich’s 10 years at thexton armstrong

Anton Erich thexton armstrong

Anniversary – Anton Erich’s 10 year anniversary at thexton armstrong.

It has been 10 years since Anton Erich became a partner at thexton armstrong.

Since then, Anton been active as a business mentor and business advisor in his Dutch territory; IJsselstreek – Groot Salland. A colleague, Jan-Harmen de Goeijen, joined him afterwards. Together, they now are the go to persons for SME business owners in the region.

Anton is a highly valued colleague at thexton armstrong. His input at our meetings, his participation in the franchise council, but especially his positive, optimistic and calm demeanour contribute to his popularity among colleagues. And it is no different with his clients who rave about him.

We congratulate Anton on this anniversary and thank him for these great years. The Dutch team hopes to continue the partnership for a long time to come!


a token of our appreciation



To celebrate this anniversary, Anton, like all of our jubilees, received a symbolic sculpture and we asked what this sculpture means to him:

Anton responds:

I think the sculpture I received represents how we help business owners and their teams in their personal and professional development.





We also asked Anton to tell us a bit about his work:

I notice with many business owners that they appreciate being able to spar with someone who offers a different perspective of their business from the outside. Business owners often operate in the frenzy of the day and when they choose to work with me, I often get the response that they are then “compelled” to work on their business together with their team of employees.”

“Since my time at thexton armstrong, I have found it a privilege to work with a variety of SME businesss owners. SMEs are important to our economy; they are the real job creators. To me personally, it means a lot that I can make a positive contribution to employment in SMEs.