Do you have what we’re looking for?

Since this is a franchise opportunity, we are looking for a business owner who will represent the Thexton Armstrong brand professionally. You ideally have the following skills and attributes:

Business Leadership

You are a strong leader. You look out for and care about those with whom you do business with and are able to build strong long-term relationships.

Strong Communicator

You are the kind of person who enjoys being with people and someone that others feel comfortable opening up to. You are able to share ideas and see opportunities and look for win-win solutions to challenges.

Will power

Thexton Armstrong is looking for individuals with the drive and desire to do what it takes to make your Franchise Partners and their clients succeed. Following the Thexton Armstrong system, you will be helping Franchise Partners and entrepreneurs in your country to profitably grow their business and work on the business instead of in the business. We are looking for individuals who are comfortable working with SME business owners in their own country by utilizing our proven tools, systems and methodologies to help them grow.

Hard working

As a business where reoccurring revenue is at the heart of our business model you will appreciate this in your own business. You will be willing to work hard – while working smart by following the Thexton Armstrong system and you won’t be afraid to ask for help from your training and support coaches.

Positive Attitude / Collaborative Team Player

Thexton Armstrong’s success is in part due to the collaborative team environment among our Franchise Partners. Operating like an informal but professional consulting company, collaboration and teamwork are the key elements of the Thexton Armstrong system. We are looking for individuals who are comfortable sharing best practices and ideas and are willing to share their knowledge and collaborate to further grow and develop the franchise.


You have a curious nature, are open to new experiences, ways of doing things and different perspectives, and you’re not afraid to take (calculated) risks & are confident in your abilities.

Hungry To Learn

Ongoing learning is the way of life at Thexton Armstrong! The Thexton Armstrong network is made up of professional people from all walks of life, striving to constantly grow their businesses, their clients and themselves.

Financially able

To invest in a Master Franchise license and promote & grow the franchise in their local market.

We’re looking for candidates with experience in either business consulting, professional services and/or (previous) business ownership. Experience and affinity with SME’s is imperative.

Candidates will have senior management experience leading teams, change management and training of teams.

As we believe in a local-for-local approach, it is important that you speak the local language and understand the local culture.