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Join us in Germany

Help SMEs accelerate in the DACH region

Are you interested in taking control of your own future? Craving more freedom and flexibility in your work life? Eager to earn what you truly deserve and make a positive impact on your local SME community? In today’s corporate landscape, it’s likely that you’ve entertained the idea of becoming your own boss and starting your own company.

Well, as independent CEO/Business Owner yourself at thexton armstrong, you’ll find the opportunity to launch & run your own business, while benefiting from a strong support structure to help you launch & grow your business. Whether your ambition is to build a team of independent business mentors or only service SMEs in Germany yourself, whether your ambition is local, regional or national, the choice is yours.

We are now actively seeking entrepreneurial business professionals to represent us as Regional Master Franchise Partners in Germany, Austria and Zwitserland (DACH region).

Why I launched thexton armstrong

External events were having a big impact on economies and made it clear to me that most SMEs were ill equipped to withstand external shocks such as the Global Finance Crisis, Covid, geopolitical tensions, an energy crisis and inflation. SMEs needed support at a time they became more cautious to invest in external advisors. This kicked off my search for the best, industry independent tools and methodologies to convince and support SMEs and share them with as many independent business consultants as possible. Hence the launch of the thexton armstrong business mentoring franchise in 2011 in The Netherlands. Since then, we’ve refined our franchise and redesigned our SME proposition and client solutions, allowing you to benefit from over 10+ years experience.

Make a meaningful impact

At the heart of our franchise is the belief that SMEs are the backbone of the economy and our latest market research shows that Germany counts over 5M SMEs. Our target market consists of business-to-business SMEs in selected business categories and size, and accounts for almost 50% of all SMEs in Germany.

By helping them succeed, we contribute to the growth of local communities. As a thexton armstrong partner, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your work directly impacts the lives of business owners and drives economic progress.

Role & Responsibilities

In your role as Regional Master Franchise Partner you’ll;
  • Develop and implement a market entry plan both commercially and financially to launch the brand in your region
  • Secure your own funding to launch your own company and grow your business
  • Recruit business mentors who will join your organisation as independent business owners themselves
  • Train, coach and support your team of independent SME business mentors
  • Establish your footprint in the professional services market for SMEs in your region
  • Develop and implement marketing strategies targeted towards SMEs
  • Partner with international peers on knowledge sharing and further service development

Your qualifications

In order to be successful you have;
  • Owned or (co)invested in SMEs (preferably B2B) or
  • Experience as a Managing Director or General Manager or
  • Experience as a senior executive at two or more fields of expertise (sales, marketing, finance, business development or consulting) or
  • A solid track record as a successful independent business consultant or coach
  • Sufficient financial funds to invest in a franchise and setting up your own business.
  • A good command of the English language
We can only accept applicants who are legally authorised to work in Germany and have or are willing to establish their own business. We require a professional trackrecord of at least 5 years on the ground in Germany, Austria or Zwitserland. Please do not apply if you don’t have the appropriate legal status to live & work in Germany, just moving to Germany or if you’re looking for a regular employment position.

What we offer:

Our track record and experience

Since 2011, thexton armstrong has recruited, trained and mentored business mentors and has, through its network of business mentors, empowered countless SME business owners to realise their personal and professional aspirations through our tried and testing comprehensive business acceleration-, growth-, mentoring- and business exit programs.

Be Your Own Boss, but Never Alone

We understand the importance of independence and autonomy in your professional life. As a (Master)franchisee, you’ll have the freedom to manage your own business while benefiting from the guidance and expertise of a well-established brand. We and a growing network of peers will be there as sparring partner and help you overcome any challenges.

Comprehensive training and support

We understand that success stems from impactful training and support. As a (Master) Franchisee, you’ll receive comprehensive training programs and ongoing mentorship to guide you every step of the way. We equip you with the tools, methodologies and resources necessary to excel in the world of SME business consulting.

Unlimited growth potential thanks to our diverse Service offering to SMEs

Our franchise offers a wide range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of SMEs, ranging from business improvement to business growth, from business mentoring to business exits, and more. This breadth of services allows you to cater to various SME industries and effectively address the challenges faced by business owners in your country. Our proven business model ensures revenue from multiple sources and lasting client relationships. Master Franchise Partner will also benefit from licence revenue income.

We are committed to your success and will work closely with you to achieve your financial goals.

Why join

We boast a proven system with over a decade of successful operation. This means we’ve honed our expertise and know precisely what to look for in an ideal local business partner to represent us. Benefit from top-notch training and onboarding led by individuals who have already launched successful organisations. You’ll utilise our proven tools, systems and methodologies to help your team grow.

So say goodbye to constant travel (unless it’s for leisure!). Every day, you’ll wake up with the opportunity to make a meaningful impact using your business acumen and skills. You can work comfortably from your home office and you decide which and how many hours you work.