At Thexton Armstrong, we provide the foundation and proven system that new Thexton Armstrong Franchise Partners need to flourish. As a Thexton Armstrong Master Franchise Partner you will benefit from:

Comprehensive tools & methodologies to help SME’s

• Our Profit Leakage Tool and Profit Leakage Strategies – to win back cash leaking from a business
• Our Corona Action Plan – to assist business owners impacted by the COVID-19 restrictions
• Our Business Improvement Program – co-create strategies to achieve the business owners’ goals and make the business more robust and flexible
• Our Board of Advisory Program – an effective way to be your client’s business mentor
• Our Exit Plan Program – ensuring SME business owners prepare themselves and optimise their business before the actual moment of selling their business, thereby guaranteeing significant ROI for business owners.

Our Scalable Proven Business System

• Low Overheads
• Home/Office based
• Flexible Hours
• Online meeting structure to lead a team of Franchise Partners

Comprehensive Training for Master Franchise Partners and Franchise Partners

• Intensive Training and coaching for new Master Franchise Partners
• Ongoing Support
• Multiple training programs for Franchise Partners

Unlimited Growth Potential

• Long term relationships with both Franchise Partners and their SME clients
• International team of colleagues
• Evolving technology upgrades

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